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Alejandro Erickson

Geoburst – helping foster a vigorous enthusiasm for Mathematics

Below, Geoff of Geoff Mobile interviews Alejandro Erickson, mathemagician and founder of Geoburst a “not for profit, math education enrichment initiative.” Geoburst’s mission is to “foster a vigorous enthusiasm for mathematics.”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alejandro Erickson and his mission is sound. By developing enthusiasm for a subject, you will find that you will start to do better in the subject. Why this tends to be so is the topic for another post. In the meantime, please check out Geoburst for more information about the project and definitely go to one of the geoburst workshops if you have the opportunity.

Math and Logic Games To Help Boost Your Brain – Introducing Tomoku

Sudoku is a popular logic-based game number placement game that appears in many daily newspapers around the world. Working on number based math and logic games may help boost your brain power – or at least keep it fresh. Think of it as mental exercise. For most people however, they simply like it. I’ve met people who “hate” mathematics, yet gladly fill out a sudoku or related puzzle to relax.

My former colleague Alejandro Erickson has created a wonderful new book of puzzles, a logic-game that focuses on geometric reasoning, rather than number reasoning like sudoku. It’s called Tomoku. In the video below, Alejandro demonstrates how to solve tomoku tatami puzzle from his book “Tomoku! 80 Challenging Tatami Puzzles

You can give the game a try online on the Tomoku puzzle website
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QUESTION: What is your favourite math/logic based game and how has this game helped you with your mathematical studies/teaching? Please share your thoughts in the comments section of this post.