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April, 2011:

Patrick Jones on the Law of Sines – Example 1

In a previous post (a video tutorial on the properties of logarithms), I introduced you to the wonderful math tutorial videos by Patrick Jones. In the following video, Patrick introduces the law of sines (from trigonometry) and gives an example to show how you might use this mathematical relationship between the length of the sides and the sines of the angles of a triangle. Enjoy!

Patrick Jones on Properties of Logarithms – Part 1

Patrick Jones, a long-time mathematics tutor based in Austin, Texas, USA, has created a vast collection of wonderful video mathematics tutorials. I will be sharing them here on the Ace Your Math Class site from time-to-time as they are an invaluable resource for those studying mathematics.

In the video below, Patrick covers some basic properties of logarithms and provides several examples. Enjoy!